“We are proud to call Be Kind Studios a partner. Delilah, David and Michael are not only some of the most professional and talented people at their craft, but they are also some of the kindest people we have ever met, it truly is a pleasure to work with this crew. The outstanding work ethic and tremendous talent coupled with their kindness and great personalities is a recipe for not only a great product result, but truly a fun, enjoyable experience along the way. 

We have been fortunate enough to partner with Be Kind Studios for many photo and video projects and they continue to go above and beyond any of our clients’ expectations. From the detailed planning stages, to problem solving on the fly, to capturing some amazing content, we can always count on Be Kind Studios to deliver. We look forward to working with Be Kind Studios on every shoot. They are the best!”

David Wish & James Wish

Wishbone Design Factory

“Riddell’s biggest challenge in 2021 was that we had multi-tiered needs, along with multi-faceted goals that we had to accomplish in a big year for the brand. The major initiative being the launch of two new flagship product offerings: our new Axiom football helmet and our smart helmet technology based InSite Analytics subscription service. It doesn’t get higher profile for us. We trusted Michael Khachadoorian and his team to collaborate with us from the beginning, soup to nuts. Everything from location scouting and model selection to content capture and delivery, and everything in between (which is A LOT) was first class all the way.
As the industry leader, Riddell has high standards for our brand and how our brand is represented. Each year for the past 10+ years, we’ve trusted that Michael and his team will go above and beyond to capture the exact right shot, no matter what it takes. We’ve seen Mike running full speed downfield between football players with a camera and seemingly no regard for his body, we’ve seen him strip down to his skivvies in a studio to ensure the lighting was just right. One year, Mike and David were up until 4:00 a.m. welding together metal rods and lighting to deliver on a crazy idea that we had. And deliver they did. Boy do we have stories to tell. And all of them end the same way: The delivery of a gluttony of superior quality photography and video that meets and even exceeds what we set out to accomplish each year from our first engagement with the team.
Additionally, we always know that we’re going to be taken care of during the planning stage and while on set. The amount of prep work and thought the team puts into what we’ve come to know as content shoot “events” is something to behold. For example, in our chosen studio in Dallas in 2021, the whole team was on site two days prior to strip down an existing studio and build it back up in a stark white environment in order to deliver on our creative vision for our new helmet launch. When we arrived, it was like an entirely new, unique place that provided a custom environment where Michael and team would help us make our vision a reality.
I would be remiss not to mention the care that Delilah puts into making sure our team is comfortable, organized and nourished throughout our shoot days. The days can get long and Delilah is there before we arrive and after we leave to make sure everything is just right. She thinks of everything and simply makes things happen, all with a genuine smile on her face. Delilah is the organizational guru that keeps the ship going in the right direction.The team at Be Kind Studios works so well together on set that there is a palpable unspoken understanding of what is needed for the shot, allowing everyone to act quickly and effectively for all things needed on-set.
We would recommend Be Kind Studios to any organization that is looking to have their brand vision realized beyond expectation.”

Erin Griffin

Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Riddell

Bryan Housh

Director, Marketing and Creative Services, Riddell

Kelsey Ping

Marketing Operations Manager, Riddell

"Michael, David and Delilah are a dream to work with! They are ALL in and truly care about producing the best work to bring the brand’s vision to fruition and beyond expectation. And with that comes an incredible attention to detail in the casting process. Not only finding the right talent visually but also the talent who also go the extra mile on set and care about the result. They are always respectful and care about everyone’s role in the process to achieve a stellar result. For me, as an agency director they are so clear with their vision that it makes my job easier to bring them the talent they need… and because they’re so amazing to work with and bring me into their vision, I then work tirelessly to do all I can to bring it also!
The biggest challenge before was finding production companies who are aligned with our company and really care about the process, care about the relationships, loyalty, and working hand in hand with the talent agency and talent. I can say without hesitation that every talent I have booked with them (and it’s a lot!) in the past 3 or 4 years has said that their production was THE BEST on set experience ever! They provide a creative environment that makes everyone around them want to step up to be the best to achieve the best ad campaign! I can also say that their ad campaigns are among my all time favorites! I fully endorse and recommend Be Kind Studios! Once you hire them you won’t want to go anywhere else!"

Annette Dominguez-O’Hair

Agency Director, Naturally Fit Agency

"Like any production, running a studio requires consistent communication, trust, organization, planning, and transparency from all involved. A common tendency we face when working with some clientele is their lack in one or all of these categories. We were so impressed and pleased with the level of professionalism, kindness, and respect from the start. Every aspect of the project had a plan and a purpose, and every question had a solution or a willingness to find one. Not only was it a breeze to work together, but it was FUN! This team believes in putting in the work, laying the foundation, and setting up the entire production for success. No need to doubt, and when you experience the natural road bumps or detours along the way, it won't be for long...they'll make the impossible happen! All of us established a long-term bond right away that not only flourished on set, but made a lasting impression. Not many can say they have instant friends and colleagues for life! Looking forward to making more magic together in the future. Be Kind Studios is filled with innovative, personable, intuitive, creative, big-hearted, smart, and brilliantly talented individuals who are even better together."

Lauren Reed Simões

Natural Light Studio, Dallas

"Michael Khachadoorian is one of the most focused, detail-oriented photographers I've worked with. I had the pleasure of working with Khach for almost 3 years at Converse and have/will continue to hire and work with him. Khach was instrumental in developing the Converse photo studio and the aesthetic that now defines all of our product photography. He was also a huge part of the success of capturing our brand and lifestyle photography. Beyond his undeniable ability - he is one of the finest human beings that I have had the pleasure meeting. Michael will capture magical images and you will enjoy working with him."

Brandon Avery

VP Global Innovation, Converse Inc.

"Michael's ability as a photographer / filmmaker doesn't just start and stop at the fact he takes beautiful pictures. It's much more than that. Michael's dedication to a shoot is apparent the minute he gets involved. He believes in collaborating with everyone involved in the shooting process. He is also one of the most knowledgable photographers in this business when it comes to lighting and equipment. And beyond being creatively and technically well-versed, Michael is such a pleasure as a person. His personality wins everyone over, from the talent, to the crew, to the creative. And the best part is, he's genuine. You can't beat that in this business."

Samantha Rockman

Director of Production, Rockman Productions

"As Art Buyer, Producer and Creative Director I've had the pleasure of working with Michael Khachadoorian and his team on commercial and lifestyle photo shoots; Be Kind Studios consistently amazes me with the quality of work and the speed in which they deliver it. Their professionalism, hard work, and quite frankly—the fun—that they put into a job is hard to match. Michael, David & Delilah will not fail to deliver. They have the energy, creativity and spirit of thirty people! They are some of the truest and humanly alive people I know."

Jeff Steep

Director of Creative Services, Converse Inc. / Creative Director, Pier59 Studios

"Michael's talent is known across our industry as being superb. He and his team are amazing. During the shoot, ideas and directions were traded with ease, and for our product, the images came out flawlessly with brilliant colors and details. He went the extra mile as well when it came to minor adjustments. The studio was a stress free environment and it was just plain fun to be a part of the process from beginning to end."

Zach Den Adel

Production Designer, REI Co-op

“Be Kind Studios has been an instrumental partner with our organization. During unprecedented times, constant changes in marketing, and an increased demand for content, Be Kind Studios is a consistent presence that creates the quality and stability we need. I highly recommend their ability, creativity, and quality to any organization looking to connect more intentionally with their audience.”

Jeff Snodgrass

Lead Pastor, Unite Pasadena

I am honored to have worked on several fun branded campaigns with Michael. You simply cannot ask for a better creative than Michael in this industry! HE. IS. THE. BEST. His passion and amazing vision comes through in all of his work. Our clients are always so excited to shoot with Michael again. He is absolutely wonderful to work with! Incredible talent. Thank you again, Michael! Until the next one!

Sean Elayda

Producer and Casting Manager, Scale Media, Inc.

“Michael doesn't just take a photograph, he actually mirrors the soul and the spirit of the person. The lens of his camera captures the essence of life itself and encompasses the beauty of it all in a way that makes one want to celebrate the moments over and over again.”

Martha Brunet

Family Friend