Why Us?

Best Filming Equipment

Rather than tell you all about our incredibly high tech gear, we think it’s more important to tell you why that matters. With your incredibly tight deadlines, our mastery of the gear we own will save time and create more efficiency on set, providing you with more shots per day, and more content than you ever imagined. From the Motorola walkies to the Arri and Briese lights we shoot with, you’ll be amazed how fast we work, and the excellent quality of each shot. While others are scrambling to rent the right gear, we own it all and know it like the backs of our hands. 12K RAW, super slo-mo, and that beautifully dreamy 24p you see at the movies, we’ve got it all covered. We’ll work collaboratively with you to provide you the best equipment available, while staying within budget.

We Handle Everything

We look forward to helping you create your brand’s vision. No matter how out-of-the-box the idea, you’ll never hear us say no. We encourage you to ask questions. Got a location in mind or an idea for the shot’s background? We’ll do our best to provide multiple options for you to choose from. Need talent from a specific niche? You won’t have to worry about casting, we’ll find you the best talent. Not feeling the creative? Rest assured, you’ll be able to walk in on shoot day feeling refreshed with a new set design catered to your brand’s look and feel. Since you’re hiring us to serve you, we put you and your desires first and foremost, and nothing makes us happier than a completely satisfied client. We hope you’ll leave set for the first time in recent memory, really looking forward to doing it all again soon.

We Do Everything in Kindness

We created Be Kind Studios because of our passion for helping others and building meaningful relationships. As a team, our first priority is you. No job is beneath us, and it’s truly our pleasure to help serve you and your every need. Our team loves building relationships, and we’ve found this helps to create the highest client satisfaction, and many of you have been working with us for 10+ years. So if you’re reading this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Our shoots are fun and collaborative, and we always strive to go the extra mile. By the end of the shoot, we hope to be clinking glasses and enjoying the best meal with new friends who’ll want to work together again and again. That’s the vibe we strive for. It’s not just “a job” with us, it’s an experience we love sharing with you.

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