At Be Kind Studios, we strive for Passion, Excellence and Kindness. 
We created Be Kind Studios because of our passion for helping others in a special way and building meaningful relationships. Michael’s ability to make others smile and find joy in everyday situations… David’s authentic and warm personality… Delilah’s genuine and caring nature has led us to pursue this mission through film production. Doing it together, as a team with you, makes us feel like we are fulfilling that mission every day. We strive to make sure you receive a phenomenal end product with incredible service along the way. We go beyond this by giving 10% of our profits from every job to charity. We truly strive to spread kindness beyond the studio.  
We believe the passion we have for what we do and how we do it can help transform people. We’ve found that passion in our industry has the power to create an environment that encourages collaboration between us all. In turn, your ideas will flow like water from Niagara. We want to ensure that your vision is translated just as you imagined it, or even better than you could have ever dreamed. You’re the driver and we’re along for the ride, helping your wildest dreams come true. 
We believe excellence means going above and beyond for you. Every detail counts, from the smallest pixel to the overall look and feel of the shot you created. We absolutely love seeing you check off not just that last shot, but all of your extra “bonus” shots too. We love helping people save money, and in today’s climate, productions consisting of both video and stills can get expensive. We’re here to help you stay in budget, by offering you both video and stills in one team, eliminating the need for multiple crews. From pre to post production, you’ll have full access to our team via text, phone, email, Zoom, in-person, whatever means of communication works best for you. 
Kindness propels everything we do. Random acts of kindness bring people together and can improve the world around us in small ways. We hope to incorporate this concept into our everyday interactions with you. We hope you walk away feeling like family. When all is said and done, we enjoy celebrating with our clients, breaking bread together after a long hard day (or weeks) of work, and sharing your favorite memories of your production. So hey, who’s hosting Thanksgiving? 
We love what we do and we do it all in kindness.

Our team



"Do we have a location yet?” “Is talent booked?” “Do we even have a shot list?” These are questions both David & Michael would often ask each other prior to teaming up with Delilah. After her first big production working on Riddell’s Axiom product launch, everyone at the wrap dinner was wondering where she came from, and how she previously worked at ‘Parks and Rec’. It’s no wonder; clients, crew and talent were all so amazed at not just how organized and detail-oriented Delilah is, but how cheerful she is no matter how hard she works to get it all done. It’s not her production skills alone that make her irreplaceable at Be Kind Studios; smart and decisive, Delilah can make seemingly quick decisions, yet has solid reasoning to back up her ideas. Like the M2 chip that has yet to be released, she is super fast. After some discussion you will find that her “quick” decisions actually have quite a bit of thought and reasoning behind them. Delilah is welcoming, kind, easy to talk to, and easy to get along with. She isn’t above doing whatever it takes to make sure everyone around her is comfortable and has everything they need for a successful shoot. And the best thing is, she thinks of things way before they become “a thing”. While our clients are talking about tasks, Delilah has already gotten them done. On large productions, there are so many fires to put out. When Delilah is producing, the sparks never seem to catch fire. She works quietly in the background putting them out, shielding the entire cast and crew from any stress that could affect the creative process. For all of these reasons, Be Kind Studio’s employee of the month, every month, is Delilah Bishop.

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Michael Khachadoorian is a visual creative who has the ability to mirror the soul and spirit of the person he is shooting. Beyond having expert knowledge in all areas of film and photography, he also has a very unique way of interacting with people that captures a genuineness you can feel. Michael brings a contagious and energetic attitude to every production. This passion spreads throughout the entire production, resulting in an amazing experience for all involved. Michael makes everyone on set feel welcome and part of the team, regardless of seniority. He believes that bringing this positive mindset helps to create a much more successful production, and ultimately, happier clients, who tend to stick around, some remaining to this day, over 10+ years. Prior to going out on his own, Khachadoorian’s entrepreneurial spirit helped Nike, Inc. save over $1M per year in photography costs by creating the Converse Photography Studio and a job for himself there as Lead Commercial Photographer. While continuing freelance work for Converse, Khachadoorian has had the pleasure of working with Saucony, Riddell, Nike, Sony, Fabletics, Burt's Bees Baby, Stride Rite, Keds, Supra, Costco, Door of Hope, Cedars Sinai, LA Dodgers and LA Rams. Khachadoorian has a passion for new projects, whether building unique set props, the door to Studio K, or making his own wedding ring. On set, he is very hands-on, involved from set-up to tear-down and everything in between. Whether it’s crouching inside a white box to avoid reflections, hanging off a ladder in the pouring rain... Michael will do whatever it takes to get the shot.

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Working for Disney Interactive, David Santos’s experience dives deep, working as Software Engineer and Game Designer for properties such as Star Wars, Marvel, Epic Mickey, and Kingdom Hearts. Santos created rapid prototypes of proposed game concepts and mechanics for Disney Interactive. Traveling between South Korea, Hollywood, and New Jersey, Santos simultaneously directed multiple dev teams in the programming & design of Marvel's ‘Run Jump Smash!’, which reached #1 on the Korean App Store. David Santos’s nature can be defined by a single word: peaceful. Cool, calm and collected, Santos always sets your mind at ease no matter how grueling the shot list is. The world can be on fire, and you’ll still get positive, chill vibes from Mr. Santos. His vast experience with software engineering and video game design brings a dynamic perspective to the table, always managing to find the small details that are overlooked, finding ways in which to improve the end product in a new, out-of-the-box way. David tends to be everyone’s favorite person on set. Sometimes he’s never allowed to sleep because everyone wants him to be their “co-pilot”, so he’ll gladly drive with you across country or stay up until 4am building sets, or do anything else that would otherwise be deemed miserable, save for the fact that you’re able to do it alongside David. If you think something is unsolvable, David can see it in a whole new light that is so appeasing to everyone. One of the most collaborative people alive, he never needs the credit, but deserves it all. A true MacGyver, David’s ready to take on absolutely anything you throw at him.

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